Kiswahili : A Lot of Art

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for lectures and workshops in East Africa, as well as to finance our artist scholarships..

The Sana Sanaa Editions contains works by artists from all over the world. Each artwork stands and speaks for itself and is elevated through dialogue with a curated selection of works by other artists. Art experts select the pieces and write an accompanying text explaining their thematic or associative rationale for the compilation.
Our exclusive works are numbered and signed by the artists.

Sana Sanaa Start Up Edition (I – VI)

This set of editions with works by Julieta Aranda, Yael Bartana, Monica Bonvicini, Carsten Nicolai, Jonathan Monk, Reinhard Mucha, João Penalva, Heidi Specker and many others artists is printed by Artificial Image, one of the finest and oldest fine art digital printmakers worldwide.The six editions do not only look back on an exciting quarter of a century of contemporary art in Berlin, they also establish  connection between Nairobi, Kenya and Berlin, Germany. With the purchase of the editions you support our artist residency dedicated to intercultural dialogues.