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TThis is where artists talk about their inspiration and its realization.
Distinguished experts in art-related fields share their expertise and work with students on their ideas..

The philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche created a play on words that translates to: “Art comes from skill, if it came from thrill it would be called fart” meaning that art requires ability, not just wishful thinking. This quote and its mindset are often used to denigrate new art movements. We would like to add a different perspective with a quote from Axel Haubrok, a collector of conceptual art – an art movement that is often misunderstood because of the absence of prerequisite for the viewer. He says,  “Art does not come from ability, but from ability to think.” It is within the tension between these two statements that we want to locate our Academy. Therefore, in addition to training the technical subtleties, we emphasize the content and intellectual analysis of an artist’s message. And last but not least, we devote a great deal of attention to the dissemination of artistic messages as well as the economic aspects of being an artist.


Hotuba ya sana sanaa

Our lectures are a non-profit initiative for the mediation and promotion of the contemporary East African art scene. Accordingly, the informal meetings, usually lasting one to two hours, are open to all interested parties with free admission. At the end of the sessions, the speakers are available for questions and discussions. Depending on the number of expected guests, the events will take place at different locations and will be announced in time on our Facebook page. Artists, curators, authors, gallery owners, scientists or collectors who are planning a (holiday) trip to Kenya and would like to share their work and views with exciting new people, please contact us.

Workshops _ Masterclasses

Two to three times a year we organize workshops and master classes in which international experts teach their respective disciplines. These courses are open to everyone from beginners to professionals, but due to the limited number of spots we require a meaningful application. Some of these courses are free of charge for students, thanks to the cooperation with organizations such as the Goethe-Institut, while for others we charge a participation fee. The duration of the training can range from a few days to several weeks. The special requirements for applications are listed in the announcements of the respective event.