Photo Studio & Fine Art Digital Printmaking

Image Production

The Sana Sanaa Studio for Computer-aided Image Production is founded and operated by Michael Maria Müller, one of Europe’s most experienced printmakers. His almost 30 years of experience, both as an artist and in the digital production of exhibitions and editions is now available to photographers and artists on the African continent. The studio is expressly intended as a collaborative studio, which, after registration, is preferably available to members of the Sana Sanaa collective, but can also be rented on an hourly or daily basis.

Sana Sanaa Art Studio will run hand in hand with Michael Maria Müller’s Berlin laboratory Artificial Image. This will allow African artists to take absolute control of their exhibits produced in Europe. The aim is to intensify artistic cooperation not only between Nairobi and Berlin, but also between Africa and Europe and to promote the art scene in the Kenyan capital.

Nairobi Studio


Sana Sanaa Art Studio is located in Buruburu, close proximity to our residencies partners work space of the flourishing Brush Tu Art Collective’s. It is only 20 minutes by bus to the city center (Central Business District). The 150 square meter house is located within a private condominium and offers a secure environment. We have designed the garden and the interior of the house so that there are numerous work spaces and photo shoot locations.


  • Professional photo studio including 3 flash heads, various reflectors and light formers, different cotton backgrounds.
  • Color managed image editing environment with hardware-calibrated monitors and Normlicht standard lighting for color proofing.
  • 44“ Large Format Epson fine art printer with custom made ICC-profiles and a selection of archival fine art papers.
  • Broadband internet connection.

Berlin Studio


The Berlin studio is located in the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, a creative compound housing many art studios, one of Germany’s leading contemporary private art collections, the Haubrok Collection, one of Berlin’s finest art framer Bilderrahmen Neumann, another studio for Artist-In-Residence, the coGalleries, a boat workshop, carpenters, a car repair shop, a corporate fashion company, a professional music studio, a dance company … in a few words: numerous cultural and creative companies and initiatives.


  • A professional photo studio with 3 flashes, lightformers & backgrounds.
  • A selection of iconic analog cameras (e.g. Polaroid SX-70, Hasselblad & Pentacon 6×6 with Carl Zeiss optics, large format Linhof Technica land and Plaubel studio cameras)
  • Printstudio with hardware-calibrated screens.
  • HighEnd-scanners (Hasselblad Imacon and Eversmart Supreme).
  • Hardware-calibrated screens.
  • Normlicht standard lighting (for the correct assessment of the colors).
  • HighSpeed internet connection.
Printing area for large formats up to a width (short side) of 64″ / 164 cm can be produced here.
Any kind of analogue templates (films, even glass plates) can be digitized in high resolution and quality.
The Hasselblad (Imacon) Flextight is without a doubt the best scanner for all 35 mm films.
The Eversmart Surpreme garantees outstanding quality, especially for roll and large format films.
Large work desks provide enough space to cut pictures or layout exhibition arrangements.


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